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Get inspired!

Can't wait to get your hands on our new fabric collection?

We have good news: "Forever" is being delivered to shops as we speak!

We know that your fingers are itching to turn these fabrics into some beautiful fabrics. Maybe you already have some ideas in mind. Or maybe you're looking for the right project to come along.

We have 6 brand new patterns designed with this collection. Get inspired!

There's not a single person, who had a preview of the Scrappy Hearts pillow, that didn't fell in love with it!

For some it was the gentle shape of the hearts, for others the lovely red, pink and cream fabrics, but for most, it was the total image that got them excited right away!

The Scrappy Hearts pillow (or mini quilt if you add a regular backing to it), is a lovely little project, that I'm sure will capture your heart too!

Milky Way is a cute table runner. Combining large and small stars, it has a lovely fresh twist to it.

The Milky Way runner uses all 18 fabrics of our Forever collection, creating a beautiful project without having to worry over the fabric choice.

Shooting Stars is a larger project, measuring 80" x 80" (200 x 200 cm) which makes it a beautiful bed quilt. Don't get scared by the size, this quilt is perfectly beginner friendly!

Just like the Milky Way runner, the Shooting Stars quilt combines all 18 fabrics from our Forever collection. The warm reds and pinks really show off those stars on the soft cream backgrounds, and the yellow and brown fabrics add that little bit of "seasoning" that every quilt needs!

Pillows are the perfect projects to get sewing with those fabrics you love so much without having to spend too much time before having a result.

And especially when they're as cute as our new pattern "Rosie", it's such a joy to work on!

Whether you do needle turn appliqué, like in the original Rosie pillow, or fusible appliqué, finished with a zigzag or blanket stitch, the result will be a real beauty!

Most of the time, I prefer to make a quilt but every now and then a small project is a nice variation.

"Love Blooms" was a true pleasure to work on!

This little pouch is perfect for keeping your rotary cutter, pencils or even your glasses safe. Don't we all love to store and carry our notions in a beautiful, matching pouch?

And last but not least: nothing beats a star quilt!

The "Wildflower" quilt is inspired by the traditional Sawtooth Star block, but with a touch of appliqué, it's turned into this gorgeous flower quilt!

Measuring 58" x 61" (145 x 153 cm) Wildflower is a lovely wall quilt to give your home a romantic summer touch!

All patterns are available in your local shop or on our website. Click the links or pictures in the post or go to to get started on your favorite projects!

Happy quilting!


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