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New fabric collection: Back & Forth

It all starts with colors...

At least for me it does!

Rosehip red, pear green, deep blues and a touch of carrot. These colors warmed my heart and formed the inspiration for our new fabric collection: Back & Forth.

Back & Forth patchwork fabrics by EQP Textiles

With that gorgeous color palette on my table, it wasn't hard to find inspiration and I immediately started drawing. Leaves, flowers, some geometrical prints and cute little butterflies came alive on paper.

Yes, on paper. I love how much more creative I am while drawing 'the oldfashioned way' compared to drawing digitally, on a computer. Of course, that last part needs to be done to be able to get a design that the printer can work with, but practically each of my designs starts as an actual drawing.

Back & Forth patchwork fabrics by EQP Textiles

The result: a gorgeous fabric line that is heartwarming and fresh at the same time. A perfect mix of traditional and contemporary.

Back & Forth patchwork fabrics by EQP Textiles

You probably can imagine that once the design process is finished, I can't wait to start creating beautiful projects to inspire you!

Flower Pillow appliqué quilt pattern by EQP Textiles

First of all, the Flower Pillow. Measuring 20" x 28" (50 x 70 cm) this is a perfect pillow to rest your head and dream of other projects you want to make with this line!

Line Dance traditional quilt pattern by EQP Textiles

Line Dance combines the traditional Irish Chain pattern with a circular design. Such a stunning result, don't you think? The pattern for this pattern contains instructions for piecing as well as appliquéing the curved parts. It's up to you to choose which technique you prefer. Or maybe you like to try both!

Summer quilt pattern by EQP Textiles

If you love Line Dance, but prefer a smaller project, the Summer quilts are just perfect for you!

This quilt comes in 3 varieties, each with a different background fabric and block placement. I can't pick my favorite!

Coopers Crossing quilt pattern by EQP Textiles

Simple, basic patchwork blocks are all you need to make for this gorgeous new quilt, called Coopers Crossing.

A clever use of color and positioning the blocks in opposite directions give this beginner friendly quilt a beautiful and intricate look.

Back & Forth patchwork bag pattern by EQP Textiles

So grab your bag (oh, isn't this a nice one? Especially designed for this fabric collection!) and head on over to your local shop to get your Back & Forth bundle. We can't wait to see what you're going to create!

Happy quilting!


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