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We can't wait until this summer, when our new fabric collection "Forever" will be available in shops!

Let's take a look behind the scenes of how this collection came to life.

Each fabric collection starts with the choosing the colours: I collect and combine magazine clippings, pieces of fabric, tableware,… to get the right colour combination and create the mood for the line I’m going to design, making sure that there will be calm colours, which can form the basics, as well as more vibrant colours or colour combinations.

For this collection, I was inspired by the beautiful antique red and white quilts. Even though I find them beautiful, I know I would never make such a quilt myself, because working with just 2 solid fabrics I know I would get bored very quickly.

"Forever" is my interpretation of these red and white quilts, combining different shades that go from light creams, through light and medium pinks to gorgeous deep reds. The yellow and brown fabrics add just that little extra touch to it!

The designs are all drawn with pencil and paper (we usually have 6 designs per collection), before they’re converted into digital drawings. These digital drawings are then recoloured in each possible colour combination, until we have about 250 – 300 different fabrics.

It’s hard to choose only 18 fabrics that will end up in the final collection, and sometimes the ones I love most have to be left out. But everything has to be right: each collection has to have a lovely balance in colours and designs.

“Forever” offers a lovely change after our previous, more colourful collections. Just like in nature, with the changing of the seasons, there’s a time for abundance and a time for serenity. Each one feeds the other. It’s the same when it comes to fabrics: no one likes the same thing over and over again. A good variety is needed to keep triggering our creativity and keep us inspired!

After a burst of colour in the “Pieces of Time” and “Forward to the Past” collections, I felt that I needed something a little bit more calm and romantic and limiting myself to the red and white colour scheme, I think the “Forever” collection offers just that.

And as for the name, "Forever": you know that our motto is 'Modern Traditions' and therefore each of our lines has something with the past, present or future in it's name.

"Forever" combines those three elements in just one single word that captures it all!

"Forever" will be available in quilt shops around the world this summer.

Happy quilting!


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