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Size: 37 cm x 37 cm

Techniques: patchwork, appliqué

Level: beginner 

Unit of measurement: centimeters

Language: English

PDF pattern: PDF pattern will be delivered at checkout. No paper pattern will be send.

Note: for manual (offline) payments, pattern will be emailed as soon as the payment is processed by our bank.


With its 37 cm x 37 cm it's only small, but the Tea Rose mini quilt has a big allurement. I loved making it, from the first pencil mark to the last stitch. 

Will it capture a special place in your home as well?



  • Ecru1 (patchwork blocks): 10 cm x 35 cm
  • Ecru2 (sashings): 10 cm x  25 cm
  • Ecru3 (centre block): 6 cm x  6 cm
  • Ecru4 (corner blocks): 14 cm x  14 cm
  • Blue (binding): 20 cm x 45 cm
  • 4 assorted blue fabrics (patchwork blocks), each: 7 cm x  17 cm
  • 4 assorted green fabrics (flowers and stems), each: 10 cm x  15 cm
  • 12 green scraps (leaves)
  • 8 assorted fabrics in red, yellow, pink, blue, purple (flower buds), each: 5 cm x 5 cm
  • 14 assorted fabrics in red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, green (circles), each: 5 cm x  5 cm
  • 4 assorted fabrics in red, blue, purple, green (borders), each: 8 cm x  25 cm
  • Batting: 45 cm x  45 cm
  • Backing: 45 cm x  45 cm
  • Matching sewing, quilting and embroidery threads

Tea Rose - PDF pattern (English)

SKU: 20171pdf

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